Tuesday, August 9, 2011

jumper (in miniature)

It's baby shower season again. I'm a bit worried that I made the tiny dress a little too tiny. Of course there is nothing more darling than wee little clothing for a sweet newborn. But practically speaking, it's not, well... very practical. With all the amazing(ly time consuming) things to be done with a new baby, why throw in carefully coaxing their floppy bodies into a dress only to discover it's suddenly too small? So for the first in this newest rash of baby showers, I made one of the jumpers that still fits both my four and two-year-old.
 Yes, yes, I dressed up my baby boy like a girl. (Can't blame this one on his sisters.) Anyway, it fit. AND it also fit the two-year-old!
 Quite stunningly, in fact. (Don't worry, I still managed to part with it at the baby shower.)

1 comment:

  1. I love that fabric. deep yellows cannot be beat.

    question: is the main body of the jumper a tube, and then the bottom gathered in the same width as the chest? I have got to try this.