Thursday, August 25, 2011

around the house: bonations, if you please

Some new decor has cropped up around the house since that girl of ours started horseback riding lessons. In the bathroom, the kitchen, the hallway, her room -- everywhere we turn there is a sign or box encouraging any and all to join in her cause.

[Please make donations . . . for a dream horse.]

[Lucie's mony for biying a Horse. Pleas keep out. Theanck you. bonate mony if you Pleas.]

[Small donasus to Help Lulu by a Horse.]

[for Lucie's berem Horse bonat Here].

[for Lucie's dberem Horse dbonat Here.]

I am happy to report that the whole family has been thoroughly supportive, bonating up a storm (voluntarily or vicariously through the medium of a scavenging five year-old sister). After nearly an hour counting the other night (mainly pennies), she was thrilled to find herself already over the $10 mark.

Keep it up, my girl. It's only a matter of time.


  1. That is awesome. Thanks for the comic relief this morning, Lucie.

  2. I wanted a horse SO BAD when I was a little girl. Lucie, I'm totally sending a dollar.

  3. Sooo, once she starts babysitting, etc. and making money at lemonade stands, when will you let her get a horse?

  4. we've got enough friends around here with acreage that we've already begun laying the groundwork. you'd be amazed how many people are interested in trading pasture space for repair and upkeep. here's to our own personal work crew of a family.