Monday, August 8, 2011

girls night

The big boys all went camping with the scouts, leaving me with three very disappointed girls (and a baby boy who I'm sure was disappointed as well). So we decided to reopened Piece In Time for the evening.

Piece in Time (an awesome accidental name) was created by the oldest girl last fall. One night in October we all headed upstairs for the evening routine to find a new sign on the door announcing the opening of a family spa. Inside the girls' room this enterprising ten year-old had set up yoga mats and swim towels, mood music and low lights, and a front desk consisting of a stool, a cash box, and a stack of personalized membership cards. Considering how petite she is, this girl has got the best foot rub hands I have ever known. Magic fingers, I'm telling you. Piece In Time soon became the best part of the day for the entire family. We'd shuffle in, membership cards in tow, and jockey for turns at the foot rub, head rub, and back rub stations while my husband and I took turns reading.

Sometime in late spring Piece In Time closed up, much to our familial devastation. The older boys have begged and cajoled, and even offered real money, but the girl remains steadfast. Her spa days are over for the time being.

But for girls' night she decided it was time to temporarily reopen, on the understanding that I run the place for the evening rather than her. I happily consented; she has certainly earned a good dose of pampering.

We went all out and added facials and yoga for the evening's activities. While I'm something of an old hand at yoga, this was my first attempt at avocado masks and cucumbers disks (or any type of facial, for that matter). And I must say, it was quite nice.

At least, it was quite nice until the masks started to harden up and itch, and the cucumbers became warm and slimy, absolutely refusing to stay anywhere near any of our eyes. At that point washing off the facial became the best part of the evening.

Washing off and the dessert that followed. Of course.

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