Monday, August 15, 2011


This second girl of ours has been waiting a long time for the chance to be consistently up on a horse. From the time she was a baby, it was visions of Horses Horses Horses dancing through her head. Costumes and toys and birthday visits to the stables -- everything and anything with an equine theme.

Seven years is an awfully long time to wait, but she's weathered it like a champ. Friday night we drove her west of town for her first official weekly riding lesson.

"I've never had a new student pick this up so quickly," the teacher remarked. "This girl is a natural."

We could have told her that.


  1. Very cool.

    If only I could get my kids that excited about beginning an instrument. I'm just too eager to have them learn to play. I'm quite sure they'd see right through my plan if I feigned disinterest. Here's to wishing I didn't dream of my daughter playing the fiddle.

  2. How fun! Way to have patience rewarded :)
    She does look absolutely comfortable up on top of that horse.