Friday, August 26, 2011

a little baby no more

By some miracle, the sweater I began last month is already done. After pulling it off the needles and blocking it yesterday, I laid it on the ground and immediately thought I've made a big mistake. It looked enormous. Maybe "making it extra big" on the assumption it would take me six months might not have been the best idea.

Then I put it on the baby.

Turns out this little boy has grown extra big as well. Not only is he walking and talking (does it say something about this crowd that his first word was "no"? In our defense, he has been saying some slightly intelligible variation of "what's that?" for at least a month), but he fits this sweater pretty well. There is still plenty of room to grow, and generous space for underlayers, but in general it fits. Oh my.

The only thing the sweater still needs are some buttons. I haven't got many on hand these days, and the votes are split around here on these options. What do you think?

Buffalo Nickels

Pewter Rings

Light Wood-Toned Plastic

or Puppy Dogs


  1. Pewter!! And I am SO impressed. The sweater is almost as adorable as the baby!

  2. i agree, pewter!! what pattern is that? so gorgeous!

  3. it's the shawl-collared jacket in "baby knits for beginners" by debbie bliss. I wish she had an adult version that only took a week.

  4. ah, and the yarn is Berroco Pure Merino. so soft it feels like it's melting on the needles.

  5. I love the puppy. But maybe that comes from a mom of only girls and puppies just never made the cut.

    I LOVE the sweater!