Wednesday, January 12, 2011

taking the plunge

When our oldest was born I checked into cloth diapers, and the options weren't all that great. This was the pre-internet era (otherwise known as "the olden days," according to my kids), and the few sources I could find were still based on pins and plastic pants. Not for me. In the intervening years, it never occurred to me that the whole cloth-diaper-world could have come so far. When half of my friends switched to cloth five years ago, I was enamored with all the colors and fuzz. But our "last kid" was then in the midst of potty training, and I figured I had missed the cloth boat.

Fast forward five years, and the advent of "last kid number two," and my second (or sixth) chance to make the shift has arrived. The new dipes are here, prewashed and ready to go. Wish me luck.

ps. Anyone have good advice for nighttime? This boy is a heavy wetter. I've heard that doubling up the inserts helps? or maybe a wool soaker? Of course, any excuse to knit something sounds good, unless he's going to be soaking through everything until I finish a soaker . . .


  1. I'm impressed that you're starting cloth with the last LAST child.

    I tried using multiple inserts at night, but all it did was give my baby the fattest bum ever - and she leaked anyway. I also had a hard time tolerating the scent of urine that had accumulated during a 12 hour period. Overpowering, to say the least. I finally gave up and decided to just use a paper diaper at night.

    I've wanted to try wool soakers lately - initially I couldn't imagine them working, but so many people swear by them that it seems they must. Perhaps this last baby will get some. Though they don't look quite as charming, I've also heard of making wool soakers out of old, felted sweaters. In my limited understanding of the power of wool, it seems like a felted material would contain pee better than a loosely knit one.

    I'll be anxious to hear if the soakers work out for you...

  2. Initially doubling up is what we did with our son as well using a wool cover (from imse vimse) or the lite wrap cover which worked fairly well. But he too is a heavy wetter. To make us feel a little better about occasionally using paper diapers we found a couple of compostable options that work amazingly well and don't smell weird once they are soaked with urine. The first brand we used was Broody Chick and the other is GrowVia Bio Diaper.

  3. HOORAY ALLY! the age of innovation is definitely here when we all get excited over high-tech cloth diapers. nobody believes me when i tell them they are about as easy at paper (at least the paper diapers wearers don't).
    we never quite found the right combo of diapers at night to prevent soaking and also went to paper at night. ALICIA YOUNG came up with some kind of wool insert that worked for her. i can give you her email if you want to ask her about it.
    have fun!!