Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a little bit of harvest

The most recent dress that I've made using my new pattern:
I loved this fabric the minute I laid eyes on it. The color is vibrant and rich, there is a bit of texture to the cotton fabric, and it is so very soft. I love enveloping my four-year-old in it.
My sense of seasons is all wonky in my new home. I hear snippets of feet of snow falling throughout the country, but it feels like autumn (or maybe even spring) here. But even if you're surrounded by white, a little harvest color can remind you that snow doesn't last forever.


  1. I think burnt orange is about my favorite color. ever. but with those tights and boots? I'm drooling. where did you find boots like that?!?

  2. I can't resist the green and orange combination, even though she looks a bit like a pumpkin. The boots are Zara brand, but I found them used on ebay through a seller in the UK - I only paid about $15 including shipping!

  3. what kind of collar is that again? i notice it has become a bit of your trademark and i love it. yes, the boots make the outfit.

  4. I love fun collars, it's true. I'm not sure of a specific name for it... anyone know?