Monday, January 31, 2011

cloth diaper update

Oh my goodness.

I am in love

Why didn't anyone ever tell me how fantastic cloth diapers are? ohhhhhh, you did? Well why didn't I listen? Not only are these things soft and cheap and cute -- they DO NOT LEAK. After five months of blown out diapers leaking up his shirt literally every single time, I'm not sure how to react when I hear him rumble. My instinct is to jolt him upright, unsnap everything while holding the top of the diaper tight on his back, and just pray it all stays contained while I bolt for the bathroom. But no longer. Now I just coo at him "hmmmm, sounds like you might need a change, but I'm a little busy at this exact moment. Give me a few minutes . . ."

And speaking of awesome, what do you think of those back rolls? The other kids keep asking how his skeleton can hold up all the chub, which has led to some very interesting discussions involving bone density, physics, and why 23 pound infants are better off not walking. Deep stuff, I tell you.


  1. I'm so glad cloth is working out for you so well! It is such a satisfying feeling, isn't it?

    A friend just loaned me some Imse Vimse wool covers, so in a month and a half (give or take) I'll finally see if wool is a magical as I've heard.

    His back rolls ARE impressive. I love the conversations you relate that your kids have about him. Your recounting of their consternation when you pronounced him "edible" in his little pixie hat made me laugh and laugh.

  2. He is ADORABLE! I'll have to show Tamsyn, she will love to see a picture of him... I talked to Manuela, it sounds like you are doing well. And Tamsyn loved talking to Catherine. Also, this is a fun blog you two have!

  3. Oh my goodness he does have some yummy fat rolls. What a sweet baby!

  4. I love love love cloth. I have twins and I still love it. Never a blow out. Its really true. What kind is he wearing? It looks a little like the gro-via aio.

  5. he's in bumgenius, and I really really really (inordinately) love them. easy to wash and so soft on his booty. I wish I had switched six kids ago . . .

  6. and Sharon, cath was thrilled to talk to tamsyn as well. hopefully you guys will be around this summer. june through half of july we'll be in town.