Wednesday, January 26, 2011

pixie boy

Well, considering that this 5 month-old baby is busting out of his 12 month clothes, it is no surprise that he has outgrown his hat as well. But I'll be sad to see this acorn go.

I think this makes four (or is it five) of these little beanies I've made in the past two years. Although I've been knitting for decades, Debbie Bliss's "baby knits for beginners" is still my go-to book for a quick gift, or increasingly for my own kids. Something about the combination of simplicity and speed that sucks me right in, I think. But this baby is rapidly outgrowing baby sizes and in need of a little stretch. I found a great little ball of sock wool (Maxime Print soft socks) I had stashed and opted for the pixie hat

What is it about babies with little points on their heads? irresistable, I tell you.

The hat, however, has opened up some minor debate among the kids, mainly centering on whether it makes this baby look manly enough. Some think he looks more manly because of the pink and purple stripes; some think he looks like a girl. Others think he looks like an elf, which has opened up an entirely different debate over whether or not it is good for one to look like an elf. I myself think he looks edible (a conclusion causing some concern throughout the kid ranks).

Tonight I found someone else wearing the new hat. I think the 5 year-old (who is leading the "not manly enough" chorus) is just angling to get her hands on it.

Can you blame her?


  1. Oh, Allyson, I love it! That hat is simply adorable (on the baby and the 5-year-old!). I think I'd try to co-opt it as well. I wonder if it's stretchy enough for an adult...

  2. I love your pixie hats. Your kids are growing so big...