Monday, January 17, 2011

bags bags bags

I've been using reusable grocery bags for a number of years now, but have been a bit stuck in regards to produce bags and sandwich bags. I've seen reusable versions of both, but the price . . . oh my. I think they are fair prices for the work that has gone into making them, and I'm a huge fan on buying handmade and local. But my budget just won't flex enough to include them. Now that I'm making lunches for five every night, the sandwich bags have become a top priority. I bought a yard of BPA-free coated cotton from Hart's Fabric (along with some great fleece and flannel for pajama pants and cotton for a dress for the ever-growing 9 year old -- superb quality all around). Isn't this pattern great?

I've been slicing it up and pairing it with all sorts of cotton for the outside of the bags this week. Fingers crossed they are done in the next few days and I can show them off. But I was stuck on the produce bags until I found a great tutorial last night.

There seems to be an ongoing debate over material options, in hopes of balancing breathability, stain resistance, and clarity for the checker. What do you think? cotton or vinyl? new fabric or reclaimed sheer curtains?


  1. I absolutely love those produce bags. I've seen lots of reusable ones before, but none of them inspired me - these do! I really like the idea of using the tulle for breathability (and in such cheery colors too).

    Allyson, it's so funny how you keep raving about Hart's Fabric - it's actually our local fabric store (and, yes, it's amazing - I drool over fabric there on a regular basis).

  2. that is a crack up. my mother in law used to rave about erikas (which I still rave about and sporadically order from), and voila, there it was right in south bend.

    I actually found some produce bags on amazon that I might order up in the meantime, while I'm busy with these sandwich bags, and all. something is better than nothing, while I wait for a free window to create something.