Friday, January 14, 2011

the great cover-up

As I've mentioned before, we moved here four months ago without any furniture. I'm currently trying to piece together a set of dining room chairs without starting with an actual set of matching chairs. My plan is to tie them all together with a common theme. These two are my first.
These cost me $5 at Goodwill. They were different from most of the old chairs I'd seen on Craigslist, plus I couldn't beat the price. The seats were covered in an ugly vinyl. I only recently found the right material with which to re-cover them. Oh, what a difference a bit of beautiful fabric can make! Now, to see if my plan for the remaining assortment of chairs surrounding my table is as successful.


  1. I love the idea of mismatched chairs. ours are currently a mix of stools and wood folding chairs, since that's what we've had on hand. but the matching seats on mismatched chairs sounds perfect.

  2. those look so good, Jennie! I'm glad you found such awesome material :)