Thursday, January 20, 2011

in praise of Bendaroos

I found this latest creation by the seven year-old on the drawers in the girls' room last night. They have been begging for Bendaroos for at least three years, and I finally picked some up this Christmas. In general, anything that makes noise, flashes, or sticks to things makes me nervous. But these wax covered strings are the hands down new favorite of all five mobile kids.
They have come up with the most incredible things. Aside from these circus-Mûmakil (which I am informed by the boys are the elephants in the Lord of the Rings movies), the kids have made crowns, words, food, traps, lassos, balls, and pretty much anything else you could possibly think of. So here's to toys that piques their mind, imaginations, and mischief. What is stirring your kids these days?

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