Friday, April 1, 2011

vintage towel bib, and why my mom is amazing

There is no doubt about it: my mom is Superwoman.

By the time she leaves next Sunday, Mom will have been here for three weeks helping me recover and readjust after H's birth.

Whenever she comes to visit, I always get a phone call a few days beforehand asking if there is anything I want her to bring. In other words, is there anything from her stash of fabric or Presbyterian Women's Rummage Sale finds that I could use on one of my many ongoing projects. Postpartum visits are no exception. The only difference is she knows in advance that, though I dream big, I will be completely useless as far as projects are concerned.

While I sleepily nurse my baby and nap as often as possible, she not only takes care of the girls and household chores, but gets right down to business in front of the sewing machine. She whittles away at my mountain of mending and sews useful things for the new baby such as swaddling blankets, sheets for the bassinet and crib, and tiny hooded sweatshirts. She also jumps right in and works on any other unfinished projects that I will likely not get to for months. Off the top of my head, the list of non-sewing related projects my mom has completed after my children's births includes:

  • reupholstering an antique rocking chair
  • building a ladder for the girls' loft bed
  • canning 40 quarts of applesauce
  • sanding the ugly finish off of a second-hand play kitchen for the girls
This time when she called before her trip, I asked if she had any terrycloth I could have. I was itching to replace the two-year-old's smelly, far from water-repellent Ikea bibs with some absorbent ones that I could easily wash. She said she did, and offered to bring some old towels as well. When I made the request, I really did plan to be the one making the bibs. But, no surprise, my mom is the one behind my wonderful new bibs.

Using the Ikea bibs as a pattern, she made this coverall style bib out of the most amazing vintage towel I've ever seen. A few more are currently in the works. Mom, you are amazing.


  1. Your Mom is a most amazing and loving woman!! We miss her but are glad she is with you!! Too bad she will miss the Presbyterian Rummage sale, but I will be there. Let me know what you want and I will look for it! Congratulations and blessings!
    Alice (Trimmer)

  2. I think my parents had a bedspread out of that very material for the first five years of my life. looking at that bib makes me want to burst into a chorus from the Sound of Music, oddly.

    if we ever manage to pick up a highchair for this baby (and start feeding him actual food), I'm really going to have to think about bibs again. full-body towel bibs sound like heaven.

  3. Alice, I had no idea she was missing the Presbyterian Rummage sale. This bumps her selfless service to me up to a whole new level!

  4. I always coveted the Von trapp kids' play clothes.