Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sculpted skirt pattern

I loathe sorting through my children's clothes: pulling out the ones they've outgrown; figuring out what I have stashed in the closet that might now fit them. Déjà vu is my constant companion while doing so, as I realize I already organized the "in-between children" clothes waiting in the closet - probably more than once. The organizational method that seemed so clear to me when I did so is now incomprehensible to me and the only way to determine which clothing can be cycled into the children's wardrobe is to look at each and every tag. This is something to be avoided for as long as possible. Instead of working to overcome my aversion, I indulge it by designing clothes that can be worn far past the piddly year mark of most toddler clothing.
This skirt, besides being gorgeous on its own, has been an invaluable "size extender". It is form fitting around the hips and bottom, then flares out. This, coupled with the lightweight gauze from which I constructed it, make it perfect for wearing under dresses and other skirts. My four-year-old is still wearing dresses that barely cover her bottom, and yet other mothers don't disapprovingly shake their heads and wonder why I haven't taken them out of circulation long ago. With the skirt underneath, the dresses appear to still fit her perfectly. Ah, success.

The pattern, complete with detailed instructions and charming drawings, is now available in our Etsy shop!

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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing some tutorial for the bloomers you made for your girls to go under their dresses, either!