Monday, April 25, 2011

more tiny gifts

The thing I love about baby gifts is that they are small. And the thing I love about small things is that they are quick. Being somewhat behind on things in general (like gifts and dinner and visits and clean-up and exercise and naps), quick has become a close friend of mine. A plethora of friends have had new babies lately, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the excuse to make lots of lovely small things.

My mother-in-law sent me some gorgeous merino wool in the mail a few weeks back, and I spent at least a week pondering what to do with it. Then my friend Amy up and had baby #6, and the wool found a destination. Although this sweater is technically supposed to take five hours, it stretched out to two weeks. Why is it that everything takes so much longer in 5 minutes chunks?

I finally finished the sweater on a day that started out like this:

And finished up like this:

Perfect kind of day to knit all morning, and then stretch the legs for a walk in the afternoon.

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  1. Beautiful. Merino wool and baby sweaters belong together.