Thursday, April 21, 2011


The kids are out of school today, which has made for all kinds of anarchy and chaos (mainly good chaos, but, well, you know). Today we are in the midst -- making, riding, playing, cleaning, dirtying, building, waiting -- in hopes that by sunday we can wrap up in a little calm as we celebrate Easter.

The grass is up in the baskets:

The eggs are ready to be dyed and filled:

And the backyard is begging for a few raised beds:

Between our projects and keeping all these little (and not so little) tummies filled and refilled today, I am thinking we're definitely going to need a good movie to detox and relax with tonight. Any suggestions?


  1. I love the idea of filling actual eggs and not plastic ones! Some movie suggestions: 1)Strictly Ballroom
    2)The Road Home (Chinese w/ English subtitles - a beautiful movie!)

  2. I must be completely dense, as I didn't make the connection between planting wheat in Easter baskets, and not having to use that awful plastic grass. The paper grass is a bit better, but I was just thinking the other day, "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to somehow have REAL grass in Easter baskets?" And then I read your post, Allyson. Brilliant!

    Is this a common practice and I am the only one who has never even thought of growing grass in Easter baskets? Or did you come up with this amazing idea, Allyson? Either way, I'll definitely be doing this next year.

  3. I've heard about Strictly Ballroom, but never tried it. Perfect. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Regarding grass, I most certainly did not come up with the idea. I have no idea where I saw it though -- in a magazine years ago. I've seen a version with real grass seed, and a version where someone cut actual sod into chunks and put it in baskets. Since I've sprouted wheat grass before (and heaven knows I've got plenty of wheat around here) it just seemed like an easy variation.

    One other bonus with using real grass -- it fills up the basket, so the small amount of stuff I put inside makes it seem like an overflowing bounty. Here's to optical illusions!