Friday, April 22, 2011

patchwork patch

My third baby has been the hardest on my body, both during pregnancy and postpartum. Granted the delivery was incredibly fast, but recovering my pre-pregnancy body has been disappointingly slow. At almost six weeks postpartum, I am still wearing maternity jeans. Although I don't own a scale, the doctor does, and so I found out yesterday that I still have 15 pregnancy pounds that aren't quite willing to let go yet.This is the first time I've had to wear maternity jeans after having a baby, and I've discovered that they look a lot more flattering if you are actually pregnant when you wear them.

A week before my baby came, my favorite pair of maternity jeans were on the brink of getting a hole in the knee. Instead of patching them at the time, I simply stopped wearing them (assuming I would no longer need them). Since then I've been biding my time and sporting some pretty unflattering maternity jeans. But with yesterday's unfortunate revelation, I decided to bite the bullet and patch them.

I've never had much luck coming up with a patching method that looks decent. But Allyson's post inspired me to give it another try. Drawing on the design of the lattice insert I put in my overalls, I decided to go the route of a patchwork look. I'm actually pretty pleased with the result this time.

But not so pleased that I won't be ecstatic when I can retire these jeans permanently.

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  1. It will come off, sweetie. It took longer to come off after Hillary, but it did come off -- before I got pregnant with Geoff.