Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring: in small doses

On the day that spring became official, we were down to a minor frozen skiff of snow on the ground and only a handful of dead leaves on the trees out back. And while that was certainly a move in a spring-ish direction, the world still seemed battened down and hibernating. But lately, what with that mowing last week and the grass sprouting up in the baskets on the floor (which the baby has discovered, I am sorry to report), small doses of spring are definitely beginning to show.

This week the trees have started to exhale through the branches. Green and pink and white and yellow. The leaves and buds are still so small that it really just looks like the trees lining the streets have been spray painted new colors. Chameleon trees; lollipop branches.

But up close, there is definitely new life on the move.

Even in very small doses.

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