Friday, November 26, 2010

To every thing (even overalls) there is a season.

When I met my husband, I owned six pairs of overalls. By our first anniversary I had relinquished all but one.

I admit, overalls transform bodies into shapeless masses. But it also must be conceded that they are the most comfortable item of clothing in existence.

My husband and I have come to a compromise - overalls are acceptable in one scenario: pregnancy. And so my sole surviving pair of overalls stays hidden deep in my drawer until month three or four when I gleefully don them and practically live in them for the next six months.
These were possibly the most unflattering overalls in existence when a friend passed them on to me: the legs were tapered and there was an excessive amount of roominess in the belly area. I created triangles of woven denim and inserted them into the sides of the legs. With that, plus my nicely rounded belly, they are perfect.
Pictures taken by Gail Pomare


  1. Oh, Jennie! You are just TOO cute!! And, you are SOOOO creative!! I am so happy for you and your friend -- this blog is so great! I love all of the crafty, creative, artistic stuff you do -- it's amazing!...and inspiring!! Keep it up! And, congratulations on the new pregnancy!!

  2. Hi Jennie, I really love your creative addition to overalls, it really supports the overalls getting their own kind of patina being worn out ! I'm an overalls addict and I'm so happy that my wife accepts it ! and so lucky that one of my overalls friends,, who are sewing a pair of overalls for me ! have a nice overall weekend !