Monday, November 22, 2010

a mobile for the baby

Our new baby is about ready to make the switch from moses basket in his parents' room to crib in the kids' room. The crib just so happens to be located directly under the loft bed of the 9 year-old, which, for the record, offers the best array of mobile-hanging spots ever seen. The only trick was deciding what to hang, our previous mobiles having long since headed off to other people's homes.

Happily, plenty of little hands around here wanted to help make something new. The 4 year-old searched for "just the exact right" stick, the 11 year-old constructed origami shapes (including a praying mantis -- here's hoping the baby is soothed by insects), and the 9 year-old picked ribbon and decided which end is "the head side of the crib."

Et voila, a new mobile.

Next up, stronger cord to hang the Babolat tennis racquet the baby is mesmerized by on the "other head side of the crib."

1 comment:

  1. Do your kids work on commission? I've never had a mobile for my babies, but was seriously tempted when I saw yours. Simply lovely.