Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Desk for the Artist

My four year old is competing heartily with me for the title of Resident Artist of the Family. The truth is, I can't compete. How can a person dedicate that much energy to constant creation? She is tireless. Her little brain never ceases scanning the objects in her vicinity and formulating new ways to put them together. Magazines are snatched up and cut apart for use in collages, unused envelopes are sliced open into oddly shaped canvases for drawings, paper towels and sticks are transformed into flightless kites, napkins are scissored into paper dolls and monster teeth. I am in awe of the volume of projects she conceives of and produces on a daily basis. If only I could keep up!

Unfortunately, in an unfair world where slacker mother artists have entire study nooks devoted to creative pusuits, our resident artist didn't have a permanent place for her art supplies or creations. Until I happened upon this antique child-sized secretary desk on Craigslist.
I used the leftover paint from the girls' dresser to spruce it up a bit. I have never seen Junie so thrilled with a project of mine. The charming compartments in various sizes and shapes seemed to have been designed solely to hold the treasures she forages outside.

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  1. Hello friend! I love your project blog. Thanks for sending the link. The girls are adorable!!! And I'm so happy about the new addition!!! I'll email you later. Lots of love.