Thursday, December 9, 2010

refashioning, round 2

Have I mentioned that this baby is about the spittiest baby around? No dainty burp clothes here. We need half a dozen cloth diapers (you know what I'm talking about there, right? we call them "spit rags" around here, but they're just plain old cloth diapers) on hand wherever we go. I've tried the little baby drool bibs too -- no dice. He loads them up and soaks his clothes right through. I'd be nervous about whether he was keeping enough down, if he weren't topping the charts and tipping them over on weight. So, a new solution.

I traced a salad plate onto one of those lovely absorbent cloth diapers (no no, don't panic -- it had never been used as a diaper diaper). I then traced the salad plate onto a scrap jersey pillow case doubled up and sewed all three circles together -- diaper in the middle. I then clipped out a half moon from the top for the neck. The edging was made with scraps of the duvet. Can I just say how much easier it is to tie broken-in material than new stiff stuff? (even though I obviously did not get around to tying it in the photo below).

And oh, is the whole concoction absorbent. With only two at present, I save them for when we're out and about and haven't got a lot of back-up, in terms of outfits and extra cloths. But maybe after the holidays I'll have to put together another dozen or so. Just to make it all the way through a day.


  1. We use bibs like crazy around here - not for drooling purposes, but during meals. We, meaning Olive. We've always used some form of synthetic material to repel the food and milk that falls in mass quantities as she eats. But they eventually lose their water repelling qualities/are covered in cracks. I'm inspired by your absorbent bib! I think I'll try to make coverall bib following your model.

  2. I just bought some coated cotton (pbh or phs or pb&j-free. whichever) to make washable/reusable sandwich bags for all these lunches I pack every night. I hadn't even thought of bibs with that, although I think I'll wait until he's eating actual food for those. the last thing I need now is for all that milk to be repelled even further along on his clothes. excellent idea . . .