Thursday, December 16, 2010

refashioning, round 4

We left our old couch at the student housing apartment we moved from and bought a new (old) one when we arrived here. This is our first try with leather, and the kids have declared it "cold and hard." Oh well. So to soften things up I decided to make a quilt to keep next to it. Obviously it had to be extra soft, if it had to counter "cold and hard," so one more round of refashioning for the old duvet. One side was much less worn (we'll call it our Second Favorite Side), so I pulled all but the edges and it is now the new front of a new quilt. I machine stitched all the shapes (three days isn't quite enough time to hand stitch something like this, even if I had the patience to ever try), and it still took hours and hours and hours. Crazy. But I'm thrilled with the result.

We always do one biggish "family present" for Christmas, and this is it this year. So shhhhhhhh . . .


  1. Oh, is that your blanket from France? It looks gorgeous!!

    Our couch is getting SUPER trashed (it's an ugly khaki slipcovered thing) and I have been fantasizing about an old leather couch that we could have forever and ever, that would also repel throw up. But there is that whole cold and hard thing.

    Maybe your couch just needs to be vomited on a few more times. :)

  2. that is indeed the duvet cover from france. well, one side of it. the other side is now all over the place.

    the baby is doing his best to soften up the couch via vomit. I'll keep you posted on how well it works . . .