Thursday, December 2, 2010

new old favorite

When we lived in France a dozen years ago, our house was old and cold and damp. Old as in a couple of hundred years. Cold as in wool sweaters at all times indoors. And damp? We're talking damp as in perma-moist bathroom; wet clothes in the closet. Gives me the shivers just thinking about those early mornings. Our oldest boy slept downstairs in the room with a heater (lucky lucky boy), and we slept upstairs with the baby. It took about two weeks to decide the wool blanket we had brought from the States would not work for the wet French winter, and we went looking for something warmer. We found a nice warm duvet and ohhhh, what a cover. Sleek lines on one side, squares of crazy on the other. Vibrant colors on both sides that reminded me of sunshine all winter long.

The duvet covered our bed and kept us warm in France for a year, in Utah five years, and in Indiana another five. But eventually the worn spots became unmendable. My mother-in-law made us a beautiful new blankie, and the duvet cover headed to storage. I found it this summer, while we upended our world to move to Colorado, and pulled it out this Christmas to be loved all over again. It's made it's way into three projects so far. I'll post the first on Monday . . .

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