Sunday, December 5, 2010

refashioning, round one

Although I've got a front pack to haul this baby around, I am finding all those snaps and clasps less than handy to throw on for fifteen minutes here, five minutes there. So I used the pattern in Amanda Soule's very excellent book "Handmade Home" and put together a sling. I improvised a bit, doubling up the fabric to make it equally lovely inside and out, as well as a little stronger all around. The old duvet is soft as butter, and the sling is amazingly comfy -- even with an 18 pound baby in it. Why have I never had a sling before? Seriously -- what was I thinking?

"Sixth time is the charmer," has become my new rallying cry. Next up, cloth diapers?


  1. Slings are indeed perfect for short stints. I didn't make one for my first baby until she was a year old. Then I tried resizing my sling when the next one came along since she was quite a bit smaller, but unfortunately went a little overboard. Now with number three, my friend has loaned me one that should be the right size (though sadly not as cheery looking as yours).

  2. I LOVE slings! Not that the other carriers don't have their place, but a sling is perfect for those "I don't have TIME for this" moments when dinner is boiling over and ruining the stove, and the kids are dancing/crying/slinging who-knows-what, and the baby is SCREAMING. Ahhh, nothing like a quick flip and tuck and baby is happy.