Friday, February 18, 2011

veggie bags

When Allyson posted about these produce bags, I fell in love with the idea. I despise having to waste those plastic bags in the grocery store. I often skip a bag, but this tends to elicit glares from the cashier trying to round up my wayward tomatoes as they roll along the conveyor belt.

But back to these beautiful bags. I loved the idea of color, transparency, and lightweight material. I never actually made it fabric shopping to buy netting. But then a week ago I ended up with a huge, yellow, plastic mesh bag with produce in it and decided to make use of it for the project. Since all I had was yellow and I couldn't replicate all the rich colors used in the tutorial, I made some freezer paper stencils of various veggies and sewed patches onto the bags to liven them up a bit. I skipped the drawstring on top, and used a zigzag stitch so it would be easy to catch all the loose ends of the mesh.

Armed with my bags, I am actually enthused by the idea of a trip to the grocery store!


  1. These are wonderful! I love the eggplant~

  2. oh that is fantastic. I have actually been reusing the big grapefruit and clementine bags (with fabric sewn over the plastic label on the end.

    I have really got to try freezer paper stencils.

  3. I have to try freezer paper too.
    and, what kind of paints are you using?

  4. Freezer paper is so much fun! I've been using screen printing ink, but have also used regular old fabric paint before as well. I like the way the screen printing ink isn't bulky and kind of melds into the fabric.