Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Nerdy Valentine's

After seeing this clever Valentine's idea from Lynne over at Sugar City Journal, I began racking my brain for a similarly non-committal Valentine message. But alas, nothing came to mind. I did have the foresight to do some watercolor painting with my daughter. Even if I didn't think of anything, we could at least give out pretty watercolor hearts instead of the ever popular store-bought advertisements for some movie or another that are passed off as Valentines.

This was my daughter's first time doing watercolors using anything besides the little prepackaged trays that try to pass as such. She has been eyeing my watercolors and brushes for months, but after seeing the way she systematically demolished her own, I couldn't bring myself to share. Instead, I bought her some watercolors for Christmas. And with the perfect gift idea from grandparents, a gift card to our local art supply shop, she and I went and picked out watercolor paper. She absolutely loved using her new supplies and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in her exploration of the new medium.

My husband, returning from a trip, brought home a bag of little Valentine Nerds boxes on Sunday night. He had picked some up just in case I hadn't gotten around to actually doing so. My husband knows me all too well. When I saw what he had bought, inspiration finally struck.

Clever? Definitely.

Non-Committal? This Valentine message could be taken several different ways:

     1. You are a nerd and nerds make the best Valentines, ergo
         you are the best Valentine.
     2. Nerds may make the best Valentines, but obviously you are not
         a nerd (since "nerd" is a derogatory term). You are cool. We
         can both agree that a nerdier person might make a better
         Valentine for me.
     3. Nerdiness is the new cool. You are a nerd, thus you are cool
         AND as an added bonus you are the best Valentine.

For the record, I hope my daughters grow up to be nerds. And I hope none of the parents of the sweet little four-year-olds in my daughter's class took this the wrong way.


  1. nerd is cool at the kids' new school. couldn't be happier.

  2. haha...I am 1/2 way finished embroidering a small wall hanging that reads 'nerds welcome' - so, does this mean I'm cool?