Friday, February 4, 2011

Wintering in style

 My daughter insisted on wearing her sunglasses while posing in this newest mitten sweater creation. What a funny girl!
 I love the cheery colors on this one, as well as the faux scarf (oh so stylish!). Actually, before she put the sunglasses on, it just looked warm and cozy.
I finally figured out a solution to the problem I was having with ease of flipping the mittens on and off. Hooray! The mittens on this sweater work like a charm, so I'm putting it up in the Etsy shop.


  1. the glasses, the faux scarf, the mittens. fantastic. I've really got to try one of these . . .

  2. Whoa! The addition of the sunglasses creates a very different look. Junie looks very grown up.

  3. Cute! She was going "incognito". ;-)