Friday, January 13, 2012

vintage overalls

A visit with my parents always finds me with vintage treasures in my return trip suitcase. This time some clothes, too small for the other grandchildren, had recently made their way back to my parents' house. The ratio of overalls to non-overalls was surprisingly (and happily) high. My husband hasn't vetoed overalls on the kids, so I snatched up the ones that still fit my youngest.

These ones are extra vintage - my dad's when he was little. The five of us wore them as toddlers. The strap in the back makes me think of a little Austrian boy yodeling on the mountainside. Ah, lederhosen.
These ones are the same style, also my dad's. But they have the addition of a dog embroidered on each knee. The embroidery isn't just for decoration, though. It holds in place a knee patch - crawlers don't wear out the knees of the overalls and they have some extra padding as well. Made me think of Allyson's pants. With all our new innovations, we seem to have forgotten the brilliance of how some things used to be made. Speaking of which, it's not unheard of for my kids' brand new clothes to wear out before they outgrow them. These overalls are now in their 3rd generation of consistent use. Hm. Suspicious.
My mom made these, complete with an authentic vintage Youth Conservation Corps patch courtesy of my dad's active involvement as a teenager.
These are my all time favorite. Also made by my mom and with the cutest little handkerchief poking out of the back pocket. I've been in possession of these for awhile.
And lastly, I don't think I can adequately convey my excitement for when he's big enough to fit into these beauties.

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  1. seriously -- clothes were made with such great fabric and detail way back before the 80's. love the lederhosen. little kids and overalls are the greatest overlap ever.