Tuesday, January 31, 2012

not quite up to the (chisel) challenge.

"We need a chisel-challenge, don't you think? (peer pressure is how I manage to get myself to pull off about 85% of everything I do). We each need to make something with chisels for next week. deal?"
           - Allyson, Chisel Challenge champion

Allyson, you have won this chisel challenge, fair and square. Despite having twice as many children as I and a camera on the fritz, you rose to the challenge and managed to document it as well. I salute you.

In all seriousness, I can't wait to see the finished attacking lion stamp. I was planning on trying my hand at a woodblock printing. Now I'm thinking I might be able to handle a button. I pulled this sweater out to prove that, once upon a time, I did use my chisels and carving knife. A green cable sweater knit from Irish wool - a perfect remembrance of my trip to the Emerald Isle. The buttons, unfortunately, proved to be made of plastic and began to break after a few times of tossing my sweater onto a table. So I carved some wooden replacements.
Shame-faced, I offer my erstwhile (eight years ago, to be exact) woodcarving. Ah, but will you win the next chisel challenge??? (Quite likely, but it doesn't hurt to put up a brave front, eh?)


  1. oooo, those are very cool. it wouldn't have occurred to me to try buttons. the chisel challenge has been on hold while the chisels have been at work on actual frames, but I'll get right back on that lion.

  2. killer sweater too, by the by. seriously.