Monday, January 16, 2012

new toys

My husband got a set of new chisels post-Christmas for making frames, and spent the rest of the break playing (er, working) with them.

He is in process of adding hand-carved corner samples to the sets he is making for some local galleries. There is something about wood chips at the kitchen table (and all over the floor, and in the baby's mouth) that is absolutely bewitching. Freshly carved wood -- every kitchen should smell that way.

The lingering wood aroma has got me dreaming about playing with the chisels myself. Wood cut prints, toys for the kids, maybe even a dog shaped bobbin holder? The possibilities seemed boundless.

I mean, think about it. What can't you make with eleven different shapes of sharp knives and a block of wood?

What would you make?


  1. Wooden toys last longer that those plastics. It's more durable and it's not messy.

    1. wooden toys are amazing. now that our baby toys have gone through six kids, it's interesting to see which ones are still functional, and which most loved. wood all the way.

  2. Beautiful. Bryan's frames are amazing. And I totally agree about the smell of wood.

    I received some chisels as a Christmas gift quite awhile back. Sadly, I haven't done much with them. I dreamed of making furniture and adding relief carving to it. I never made it to the furniture making portion, thus the chisels have sort of fallen by the wayside as well.

    I'd love to see the results of your chisel play. Might inspire me to try mine out.

  3. we need a chisel-challenge, don't you think? (peer pressure is how I manage to get myself to pull off about 85% of everything I do).

    we each need to make something with chisels for next week. deal?