Thursday, January 26, 2012

knives, [no] camera, action!

So I've been chiseling today. I pulled a trapezoid from the scrap box in the garage last night and traced an "attacking lion leaping on this lamb over here" from the seven year-old's sketch stash and, well, at that point I hit the end of any previous expertise. I've never chiseled anything but soap before (which, for the record, is slightly easier to shave off than poplar), and had to consult "the experts" (google) for the next steps.

Apparently the main issue in chiseling a picture is whether to chisel-within or chisel-around. Technical, yes, but an important distinction, say the experts. Since I plan to stamp this lion on anything I can get my hands on in the next few days, chiseling-around seemed like the better option. Time will tell, but so far so good.

Unfortunately, things are not so good so far when it comes to my camera. On the fritz, so to speak. I feel slightly unnerved and thoroughly naked without a camera on my arm. How did I get so attached?

In the meantime, a Photo Booth shot will have to do. Me, some chisel, and a very slowly emerging lion.

Anyone else playing with wood this week?


  1. Did you have to consult the experts at Google instead of your local woodcarver--an intimate acquaintance, I should add--because you worried that he would not be supportive of you endeavor out of his concern that you might: A) dull or damage his cherished new German chisels (not a serious concern), or B) slice your wrist wide open with his cherished, new, and wickedly sharp German chisels (a serious concern)?