Thursday, January 12, 2012

handmade gifting: freezer paper edition

While I am thoroughly enjoying this post-holiday season (I think I just may love the undecorated emptiness of the house even more than the heavy laden festivity of lights and evergreens and continuously mobile decorations), but I thought I'd post one last seasonal set of pictures.

I've been wanting to try freezer paper stenciling for a good long while, but never quite got around to it. Then I ran across a big box of freezer paper on sale, and decided it was now or never. Really, I actually thought to myself "it's now or never," which is clearly a case of dramatic overstatement, but it did get me to pick up the box and buy it, which was enough momentum to send me to one more store for a t-shirt and fabric paint. A little melodrama can go a long way, it seems.

So for my Tom Waits addicted husband, a little something groupie.

Some shiny metallic silver over a freezer paper cut-out of this photo (on a thin t-shirt shot in lousy light, alas), and voila! a new gift for . . . the twelve year-old. It turns out that guessing t-shirt size while quickly skimming the aisles of Hobby Lobby a day or two before Christmas is not the most reliable way to guess the right t-shirt size. I'm calling this the "prototype gift," and he seems to be buying it.

At least I have an excuse to pull the freezer paper out again.


  1. It looks awesome.
    And I very much agree on enjoying post holiday time.
    I actually LOVE putting away Christmas decorations. Not that we have a lot, but still.
    We need to talk soon.

  2. Oooo, good thing you haven't discovered the Silhouette... or have you? It makes that cutting out of freezer paper soooooo easy. You might go nuts on making freezer-paper stencils. I love the shirt design.

    And, ditto on the Christmas decorations. I almost sigh in relief when I have my house back.

  3. what's silhouette? I'll have to look that up. I printed the photo on regular paper, then just traced it on the freezer paper and cut it out with an exacto knife. is that a nuts inducing set-up? sometimes I feel so nuts already I can't tell if I'm getting worse.

  4. alright, I just looked it up. that machine is seriously cool, although for $300, I think I'd have to really really really want to make a lot of freezer paper stencils. for now I think the exacto knife is better for my sanity that spending that kind of money. probably. but very cool.