Monday, February 27, 2012

a year ago

Last year as February was rolling out and March barreling in, I was bracing for some serious cold. We had a mild winter last year, even by Colorado standards, and after seven years in northern Indiana (land of the 6-month-freeze) I was assuming the cold would hit in earnest any day. And that it would last through June to compensate for the late start. But the cold never came. March rolled in like a lamb, and left with a blissfully extended baaaaaa.

Last year as february rolled out I was still figuring out how to parent across a spectrum that included teens and an infant. While I'm still figuring that out (and anticipate working on it for, well, forever), we seem to have found at least some semblance of rhythm. And oh, looking at the photos from last year, those baby toes are irresistible.

This week that tiny baby is playing "face plant." I missed the first twenty-five drops, but still. The boy is an absolute clown. And yes, we do usually try to keep the marbles off the floor. Oh well.

Last year seems like a very long time ago, but the sunny warmth of the day today got me thinking backwards. Maybe we're in for another early, mild spring.

I wouldn't mind.

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