Monday, February 13, 2012

a little space

Somehow on friday the entire day came down to the baby and me. That doesn't happen often, and oh my, it was heavenly. We read and played and ate treats for breakfast. Normally when that boy naps, there is another baby or a five year-old to chase around, but friday when he went down I crept into my room and closed. the. door.

Do you remember the sad state of my sewing desk last fall?

Well it's been getting sadder by the day (which would make 106 days of increasing sadness).

I started off stacking things by machine and hand sewing (seriously, where have all these buttons gone?), and then split the machine stack into colors, because who wants to change the thread out more than absolutely necessary?: blue (flower patches, mended jeans, closing up millions of holes in tights); white (ripped shirts, skirt hems, more tights -- see previous); orange/pink (tablecloths for a friend, backpack seam, still more tights. sigh); and a couple of tan suit pants.

My boys, it seems, are growing -- daily, hourly perhaps. They check their muscles in the mirror and test out new vocal ranges and have been running around in, well, floods. I stole their suit pants a couple of weeks ago, and finally found the time to open the waistbands an inch and drop the hems by two. Or three. Or five. My oldest boy, whose pants drooped over his shoes just last spring, needed them let down so far he only has a half inch hem left. Half an inch to barely scrape the top of his shoes. He's going to tower over me by summer, I'm afraid. Absolutely crazy to have one boy on my hip barely mouthing "mama" and another with a driver's permit (be still my panicked heart).

But they certainly looked spiff in their newly fitted suits.

And how.

Now my sewing desk looks like this,

Inspiring, isn't it? What a little clear space and a stack of good fabric and a well-oiled machine can do for me is always surprising. Maybe if I could pare the rest of the house down this well, toilet cleaning and dinnertime would seem a little more magical. Worth a try, anyway.

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  1. Very spiff, indeed.

    Ah, there is nothing like a well-organized workspace. Right now the best I can manage is to occasionally close the doors to the armoire that houses my sewing disaster.

    Brilliant organizational method, by the way. It's amazing how changing thread color can stand in the way of getting any mending done. I've always organized mine according to which has been waiting to be mended the longest. Ease of thread usage sounds like a much better motivator than guilt.