Tuesday, February 28, 2012

fairy rings again

What wedding gift do you give to someone who has everything? (Or two someones, that is.) Why symbolism, of course! And some original art. This was my second painting of a ring of giant redwoods (aka fairy ring).

An excerpt from my blog post about my first Fairy Ring painting:

Also referred to as a Family Circle, these tree formations occur when a redwood starts sprouting new trees, a method of asexual reproduction. When the central "parent" tree dies and eventually rots away, the only indication that it ever existed is a ring of giant redwoods, empty in the center.

I could easily get carried away in the symbolism of such a phenomenon - parents leaving behind a strong circle of children, interconnected by the source of their existence (perhaps in some families the only thing they have in common, but a strong binding nevertheless), providing support and shelter to each other.

When writing in the card to the bride and groom, we left out the part about asexual reproduction.

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