Friday, November 18, 2011

as girly as we get around here

When my daughter discovered this t-shirt in my pile of potential sewing projects fresh from the thrift store, the purple-sequined bird silhouette immediately caught her eye.

"Is this for me??"

I had recently made her a rash of t-shirt concoctions out of shirts that didn't look particularly girly. My daughter, who I've tried so hard to steer away from princesses and all things frilly, was dying for something a little prettier. She requested a dress and I got to work on it. This one took me all of about half an hour. I cut down the sides, then used those strips as a yoke to gather the shirt onto. I then cut off the bottom, decreased the width of it a bit, then gathered the bottom of the dress back onto it.
 Girly enough, yet still suitable for romping about in the park.


  1. I love how you don't have to hem cut jersey, like the top edge of that yoke. fantastic.

    how do you decrease the sleeves? do you take them off when you cut down the sides, and then re-attach them?

  2. I know, the no-hemming thing is just amazing.

    I'll get working on a tutorial for this, as well as the yoga shirt. They're quick and easy, and an excellent way to make use of old, oversized t-shirts.