Monday, November 21, 2011

ahhh, jersey

Nearly two years ago my baby-addicted girl asked for a trip to the fabric store for her birthday.

"You just need three yards of jersey for a wrap," she said, "And I know exactly how to make one for each of us."

So off to the store we went. We bought three yards of a soft grey jersey with light ribbing. Back home we rolled it out on the floor, folded it lengthwise, and cut right down the middle: two three-yard strips of jersey for two wraps. She showed me just how to position the baby snuggled on her chest, just how to wind the fabric around her back, just where to tie (off to the side rather than in back, please). Talk about snug. Then we tried the whole process on me. Turns out that three yards is just a wee bit small for my slightly larger body, and very quickly the second strip of jersey became her "back-up wrap." Alternating between the two, she carried that boy around for months.

But at some point his excessive rate of growth became a little too much for her waify back. The wrap went into the doll basket, and she shifted to hauling him to-and-fro on her hip.

The wrap went out of circulation, that is, until tonight. At bedtime it made a come back.

One three yard length of jersey is not only the perfect size for a wrap, it turns out, but also for a double hammock. And considering that this ten year-old tied all the knots herself, the greatest miracle of all is that lightly ribbed jersey happens to be remarkably non-slip as well. Even in full swing in two directions at once.

I had planned to snag the jersey for a project myself, but my idea wasn't nearly as good as a hammock. I just wish that three yards would be sufficient for me to swing around in.

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  1. What a brilliant idea!

    For the record, I can't believe she carried the baby around in a Moby wrap. What a little mother!