Tuesday, July 26, 2011


When I was at the height of my knitting fascination, I used to daydream of knitting versions of most every article of clothing for myself: a dress, pants, a skirt... Why? Comfort, or perhaps just for the novelty. After a few drawn out adult-sized projects, I decided knits for my children would be a more attainable goal.

And so when I slip these pants on my baby, I enjoy by proxy how comfortable and cozy they are. And, it must be admitted, knitted pants look a lot more becoming on this soft, chubby baby than they ever could on me.


  1. amen to knitting and sewing for the small. did you ever actually knit a dress?!? I've never even gone there in my imagination.

    he is adorable, by the way.

  2. A dress for my girls, but not for me!

    Thanks - I'm simply loving this current baby stage.

  3. He is adorable Jennie. The pants are cute too.

  4. I had a hand-me down knitted dress in jr. high. I loved the bottom, but thought the top looked too old-fashioned, so I cut it in half to make a skirt. With my 13 yr old wisdom, I tied a long piece of elastic aroud my waist to hold it up and wore a long shirt to cover up the unfinished waistband. That elastic wasn't attached to the skirt in any way and as you can imagine, my "stand still in front of the mirror and skirt stays in place test" didn't quite work at the dance!

  5. Your knitted skirt experience certainly sounds like a memorable one!