Friday, March 4, 2011

Irish doorways (obsessions continued)

I loved Allyson's post about visual obsessions. Her photos of shadows were so striking, especially when grouped together.

I was looking for an old photo the other day and came across some pictures I took while in Ireland a few years back. Sadly not in digital form, but you still get the idea. Irish doorways! So many of them and all inviting me to peek through at what lay beyond.
In fact, when I began dabbling in watercolor, I used one such photo as the subject of my first painting.
I wouldn't mind another trip across the Pond to add to my obsessive collection.


  1. Oh... love that phrase 'visual obsessions'. I have experienced that many days with my camera in tow... shadows, first light, looking up, etc. Some days almost have a 'theme'.
    Wonderful pictures of the Irish doorways!

  2. Your painting made me think of things that lie beyond, through those doorways -- new things, new experiences, new learning.

  3. the pictures and the watercolor are both superb. makes me want to pull out the watercolors . . .

  4. Yay, Ireland photos. You sure had some stunning pictures of doorways. My Ireland photo obsession seemed to lie another way. My photos consist mostly of Irish animals, lots of doves, geese, chickens, and "wooly pigs". I love your watercolor. It's so serene, yet almost mystical, just like Ireland. You know I'm always up for another trip. ;-)

  5. Ah, Ireland. What an amazing place. I remember being surprised that our trip there was exactly what I had hoped and imagined it would be.