Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a little Rorschach for the doctor

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Last year, my husband moved from being a student of psychology (his standing for upwards of 9 years) to being a "doctor" of the same. The past few months filled with late nights preparing job applications were worth it just to receive rejection letters addressed to Dr. so and so. (No worries, he has landed a great job in a beautiful place.)

Maybe my inspiration for this project was spawned of his new standing as a doctor of psychology, or maybe just because it was the most practical thing I could think of to do with a good pair of pants, marred only by a very noticeable, large dark spot on the knee. Remember his biking accident? We discovered (too late) that when you slather neosporin on a massive scrape, even if you put a bandage over top, it still manages to leak through an oily residue that my sorry excuses for laundering skills could never hope to remove.

So I decided to cover it with an inkblot. We've all heard of the Rorschach inkblot tests, right?
image source
Where if you see a bat hanging upside down instead of a butterfly you have some serious psychological issues? I didn't try to copy one of the actual Rorschach inkblots, but rather dabbed some screenprinting ink on the fabric, folded it in half, and went with that.
The other day on a walk, we got our first interpretation of it from a passerby: a bear cub crawling up a tree. Analysis, anyone?


  1. You've got to wear those to your first lecture of an MS level course and give bonus points for anyone who gets it.

  2. OOH! Where are you guys headed?

    (gorgeous job on the pants, as always)

  3. well done on the pants, and superb on the job!