Monday, March 26, 2012

keeping eeyore warm

Lately the daily temperatures are hovering in the 70's, so it seems odd that this would be the time my five year-old's bedtime companion, Eeyore, is having trouble staying warm. But trouble he is having. My obvious solution was to grab one of the many (many many many) doll blankets lying around and wrap him on up.

"Oh no," she countered. "He needs a blanket of his own."

Being home about half of the week (odd kindergarten schedule and such) is sometimes hard on this girl -- no one to play with but the baby and a busy mom. Most of the time she is searching for a good dose of action. The blanket came as a double request: "Eeyore needs a blanket mom, and I need to do some hand sewing."

She picked orange fabric for the back and bright flowers for the front -- "Eeyore really likes flowers, you know" -- finishing off with blue thread for the E. We sewed the blanket together with the machine (lap-sit style, the girl running the show), and then sat down for the hand stitching.

Considering that the girl is only six, and has done just a few hand stitches before, I thought she did a remarkably good job. A good job with a little help from her (mommy)friend, and a hearty round of dark chocolate.

Eeyore certainly seems happy with the end product. And I'm assured he is nice and warm now.


  1. Good work Z! I especially like the "S." So glad you made Eeyore warm and happy.

  2. We have an Eeyore too, but he doesn't get a whole lot of love, maybe I should send it to Junie :)