Monday, May 9, 2011

stash: slip version

When I was young we always wore dresses to church on sunday, and we always wore slips underneath. Maybe the fabric back then was more see-through, or maybe so many dresses these days come with double layers that slips are becoming obsolete. Either way, they have become a rare find. With three girls (and lots of homemade one-layer cotton dresses) I have been on the look out for good slips for quite some time. Last year I finally came across some real beauties -- for a mere $45. Each. Needless to say, they did not come home with us.

So at the top of the list for the Week of Repurposing was SLIPS.

I started with three soft old undershirts and a thrifted bedskirt (which has beautiful wide cotton lace around the bottom):

Turns out this was just about the easiest project I have ever made. I simply cut the drop-down edges from the bedskirt in their entirety, using the long edges for the two larger slips, and the short edge for the youngest girl. Stitch the ends together, gather the skirt, and sew it to the bottom edge of the undershirt. And voila, a slip with a nice fitted bodice and full cotton skirt:

Well, technically the voila will be a complete "there it is" once I've ironed the skirt (and made one more try at the little stain on the undershirt front). But overall, I'm thoroughly pleased with both the ease and end result.

And the girls? They couldn't be happier.

Stash Round One: success.

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  1. Slips like I wore growing up (shiny polyester goodness) are definitely a thing of the past for me. But I could go for a charming creation like that! I seriously have been thinking of making myself an "underskirt" for awhile now - something that would look lovely peeking out the bottom of a dress or skirt. Maybe I should start looking for bedskirts during my thrift store rounds.