Monday, May 2, 2011

increasing and decreasing

On that lovely date with the 12 year-old last week, we stopped at my favorite little fabric store downtown. Walking into that place is like getting caught in a tractor beam or a hurricane; every single bolt has the magnetic pull of a supernova. Honestly, it's all I can do to get in and back out without pilfering all of the food money for the entire month.

But I needed some flannel (just one little tiny piece, I absolutely promised myself), so in we went. To my immense surprise, the owners had added a new addition: a "free" bowl.

"Is this free as in free?" I asked. "As in, all the pieces I want, for free?"

Mmmmhum. All I could get my hands on, with nary a dip into our datenight ice cream fund. And with a 12 year-old offering to haul the bag around for me? Bliss.

Between that new stash, and the many, many recent additions to the reuse, update, and cobble together basket, I've decided to dubb this the Week of Repurposing.

A few of the goodies to play with?

: bright, supersoft patchwork
: stretchy, striped crepe
: leather uppers from some well worn (to the tune of three holes and a broken zipper) boots
: three short undershirts
: a thrifted bedskirt
: multiple tights with holes

I've got high hopes of making a dent in the basket this week, while finally putting together some needed (and maybe not so needed) projects for both little and big people around here.

I've got high hopes, that is, if I can keep this not-so-little little boy from doing this all day.

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  1. A free bin? Oh, that my seductive local fabric store offered the same. Granted, every time I go home for a visit, my mom's fabric stash is one big gigantic free bin. (Thank you, Mom!)

    Allyson, I can't wait to see what you concoct with your assorted repurposing materials. You have seriously piqued my curiosity.