Wednesday, May 25, 2011

around the house: frames

When we got married, Bryan and I were both wading through the morass of our bachelor degrees and jobless (maybe not the way people dream of starting, but ahhh those early days were lovely). The week after the wedding we started a new semester and went looking for work. Bryan soon found a posting for a woodworker at a gallery framemaking shop and, anxious for any job that would keep him out of a chair, he immediately took in a resume. The owner of the company was impressed by his artistic bent and sent him to the finishing department instead. Thus began eight years of clay on his clothes and gold leaf in his hair and umber in every crease of his hands.

And thus began fifteen years (and counting) of beautiful frames on our walls.

He has made frames that now hang in celebrity's homes and The National Gallery of Art and the residence of every family member whose name we ever drew for Christmas. He has framed clocks and Jacques-Louis David sketches and five year-old masterpieces. After a brief framing hiatus (it was all we could do to eat dinner during graduate school), Bryan has now commandeered the garage and Bryan Smith Frames is born. The project is in its infancy, but he will be posting photos of frames he is creating, as well as information for anyone interested in a frame of their own.

I know I am slightly biased, but he is amazing, this man of mine.


  1. Wonderful! Bryan's frames don't just house pieces of art, they are art themselves.

  2. I fully agree. the frames are amazing. I think is such a great idea to get a business going.