Friday, December 2, 2011

skirts + satchels

For those who have requested (and those who have not but may be interested) I'll be putting a bunch of Skirts + Satchels in the Etsy shop over the weekend. This first round of skirts are made with various fabrics, shirred at the waist and hanging about 30" long -- a great fit for the twirling 4 year-old and the fashionista 10 year-old, as well as all sizes in between. Other lengths, of the shorter and longer variety, are available upon request.

And why the satchels? you may ask. Well, mainly because I'm told that outfits come in combinations of two or more components. Oh the things this 10 year-old knows that I never managed to pick up on. Around here, skirts have always been a year-round mainstay -- layered over tights and leggings, slapped on top of a swimsuit, or most often just pulled on over bare legs, freezing temperatures be hanged. But more recently satchels have made the move to Mandatory Status as well. And while my sewing desk is loaded down with the goods from last friday's trip to the little local fabric shop (my shopping concession to the 10 year-old, who begged and begged and begggggged me to pleeeeaaaasssssssse take her shopping somewhere, anywhere, on Black Friday), I decided that a pile Skirts + Satchels was naturally called for.

Not all of the new digs will be making it into the shop, however, as these girls have already laid claim to a few. And as if a handful of new outfits weren't enough? I mentioned today that I would be needing some models. Oh my, you would have thought Christmas arrived a whole month in advance. I think we might as well just wrap up these photos and call the holiday season a success.

'Tis the season for joy in the oddest places, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Allyson, those are great! I love the satchel and skirt combination. (Your fashionista 10-year-old certainly knows her stuff!) And that bike fabric? I love it.