Tuesday, December 6, 2011

belated quilt blocks

I finally finished my third set of blocks for the modern quilting bee.  A little belated, yes, but I'm hoping it was worth the wait. November's quilt was an alphabet quilt. The only direction given was to use some of the dark grey fabric that the host sent to us. I was assigned the letters C and W. The 5-year-old was eager to offer ideas for the blocks (and some very good ideas, at that). I used her idea for Clothes hanging on a Clothesline, and I came up with a Writing desk set against Wallpaper.
 The letter C gave me fits as I tried to piece it into the quilt instead of appliqueing it on. I opted for embroidering the W.


  1. those are fantastic. seriously.

    I love the idea of a disparate group making blocks for one quilt.

  2. so cute! i'm impressed with your piecing!