Monday, October 10, 2011

making it up as they go

I ran across the most superb quote from Abigail Adams the other day, she who was wife to John Adams, erstwhile second president of these United States. "All children should know how to suffer want," she said, to which I add a hearty Amen. That is the new go-to response when my 10 year-old asks why she can't have a cell phone and my 15 year-old wants a box of Poptarts. Suffering, my children, is the name of this lifelong game.

In truth, I am partially in jest about the beauty of want. There are many people suffering real want around the world that is not beautiful at all, and there are many opportunities and experiences and even stuff I would love to give these kids that are on hold at present. But there is also an aspect of invention and gratitude that surface necessity (and deferral and desire) are prone to ignite, and for that I'll weather the whining that sporadically comes along for the waiting ride.

A girl scraping aspens to make sunscreen and a beach party on the front porch; a rainy day picnic on the floor (complete with ants) and a pig roast on the stairs; for all the invention our lack of beachfront sun and backyard livestock inspire, I give my own thanks.

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  1. i love the roasting pig. and, excellent points...