Friday, September 16, 2011

the hustled bustle

There's just something about bustles. Those, and pantaloons.

Pantaloons are easy - I've sewn multiple pairs I'm more than happy with. But making a bustle of some sort that can be worn comfortably by active little girls - that's been a bit trickier.

This one was an experiment sewn as a birthday present the day of the party. (Yes, I am a procrastinator.) Do you ever try out completely new recipes when company comes for dinner? Kind of the same idea. Tired of the same old gift for a little girl's birthday (we'd had a rash of them recently), I made this one up as I went along. The design didn't end up as I'd pictured it, so I added a monogram (who can resist a monogram? besides all those people whose bathrobes show up in the Land's End outlet). But apparently it went over well with the birthday girl - her mom requested one for her older sister as well.

 Not the perfect bustle, but not too bad for a hustled one.


  1. I want one, for me! I love it. I love the monogram as well. Lucky birthday girl. Tell Olive she is the perfect model.

  2. I wonder if I would look thinner in a bustle?

  3. Olive looks SO much bigger! And cute. Beautiful skirt.