Monday, June 11, 2012

shoemaker extraordinaire

Not quite, but I finally did it! I took the plunge and fabricated a pair of fabric boots for the five-year-old! I kept fondly remembering the cheery red boots that the three-year-old outgrew and decided to try my hand at making some.
Almost a year ago, I tried dismantling some shoes to learn a bit more about their construction, but never followed the project through to completion. This weekend I finally got tired of my daughter's sad collection of half-shredded shoes, and ripped one of them apart. Apparently I thought spending the entire day trying to make a boot would be a more efficient use of my time than going to the store to buy some.

I used the existing sole of one of her thrashed pair of shoes, ripped out the shoe uppers, then used them as a pattern for the new boots.
After some failures, rethinking my design, and a bit of hair pulling, success was finally mine!
 Perhaps most valuable, I made it past my own fear that I couldn't do it. I'll definitely be doing this again.


  1. are you kidding me?!? alright, I need some specifics -- definitely a HOW TO. especially attaching it to the sole. HOW?

  2. I second the request for a HOW TO. Amazing!

  3. Thanks! Don't worry, I'm putting together a "how to" - I couldn't keep this to myself :)

  4. Wow, those are amazing! What a fun project... I'd love to try my hand at some shoes! Did you use glue to attach the upper to the sole?